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Valley Popcorn keeps expanding

When we started our popcorn journey back in 1992, it was just two of us, three simple ingredients, and six kettles churning out natural, wholesome and flavorful bags of popcorn.

More than 20 years later, our ingredients and cooking methods remain the same, even as our business continues to grow. Today, Valley Popcorn can be found all over the country, everywhere that popcorn is sold, including grocery stores, gas stations, arenas and restaurants.

Markets We Serve

From movie theaters to sports arenas to grocery stores, Valley Popcorn is available in a wide variety of markets so you can enjoy it anytime and provide it to your customers.

With our products ranging from our Big Bag of popcorn, to our popcorn kits that take the guesswork out of fresh popcorn, to our poppers, bags and buckets, Valley Popcorn is ready to assist you with all of your popcorn needs.

And because we believe safety is just as important as flavor, Valley Popcorn is proud to be SQF-certified, a globally recognized certification from the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI). This program is recognized around the world as the standard in food safety certifications, and food producers must follow strict guidelines in food production.


Valley Popcorn is found in a large number of retail outlets, including Kwik Trip, Festival Foods, Kroger, Meijer, Woodman’s Market, and Niemans. With a variety of flavors including regular, caramel and cheese, and sizes ranging from our 18.2 oz Big Bag of popcorn down to our 2 oz bags, we can stock your shelves with the freshest, most flavorful popcorn on the market that customers are seeking.

Food Service

Whether you’re a bar that offers complementary popcorn, a school looking to raise funds, a hospital or nursing home providing a healthy snack, our popcorn will bring smiles to your customers’ faces.


We can fill the popcorn needs of your stadium, arena or performance hall, whether you want to offer fresh-popped or pre-bagged popcorn. We distribute nationally for any long-term contract or one-time event. Contact our sales team today to speak with a popcorn expert about your needs for white, yellow or flavored popcorn that can either be made onsite or pre-packaged.

Leading Distributors

Whether you give away popcorn at your front door, or sell it in your snack machines or displays, we have bags of popcorn that will fit your size and flavor needs.

And if you prefer to offer fresh popcorn, we also sell popcorn machines and carts built by Cretors®, the company that invented the popcorn machine. We can provide you with flavorful seeds and oil, as well as small bags and scoops to make your popcorn sales easy.

From expansion to explosion

Business is growing. Our products are sold nationwide through retailers and distributors. In order to continue providing the best popcorn quickly, plans are in motion for our continued facility expansion and East Coast distribution.

Although our Big Bag remains our best seller, over the years we’ve also expanded our offerings to include both caramel and cheese popcorn, large and small bags of popcorn, as well as seeds, oils and multiple flavor-filled toppings. We even sell popcorn machines and popcorn supplies and poppers, making Valley Popcorn a one-stop shop for all your popcorn needs

Partner with Valley Popcorn

Whether you’re a managing a grocery store chain, running a restaurant, or want to sell fresh popcorn in your sports arena, Valley Popcorn can fill all your popcorn needs. Contact us today and let one of our popcorn experts help you.