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About Our Popcorn

From the Farm to your Home

From Midwest fields to your front door, every step is handled with care

Popcorn is everywhere – from movie theaters, to sports arenas, to vending machines, to your living room couch. Whether it’s eaten on its own, or combined with other ingredients, popcorn is found in almost every country, home and walk of life.

When we got into the popcorn business in 1992, it was with one goal in mind:

“Offer popcorn in a bag that’s just as healthy, wholesome and delicious as fresh-popped popcorn.”

So how do we make that happen? Is it our three simple ingredients? Is it the way we pop our popcorn? Is it the bags we put it in?

Yes, yes and yes.

Did you know? Americans eat 13 billion quarts of popcorn every year!


Three simple ingredients

Wholesome popcorn seeds from America’s farms

Our non-GMO popcorn seeds are grown in the Midwest, where the earth is rich in phosphorus and potassium, making for a more flavorful popped corn.

The popcorn seeds come to us in 2200-pound bags; and once that bag is opened, the seeds are turned into popcorn and shipped to you before 24 hours have passed.

Theater-style popcorn buttery flavor, without the butter

Our popcorn is popped in coconut oil, which results in a natural buttery flavor with no cholesterol, or added flavorings.

The oil acts a natural preservative, which means our popcorn stays fresher, longer with no added chemicals. You can literally taste the difference.

Salt on the popcorn, not at the bottom of the bag

Instead of sprinkling salt over the top of our popped popcorn, we add our specially selected salt directly to the kettle during our popping process. The salt melts and melds with the coconut oil and popcorn giving you more flavor with every handful.

Cooking up a symphony of flavors in our bags of popcorn

All our popcorn is popped by popcorn artisans in small batches. Yes, you read that correctly; we truly have dedicated popcorn chefs and they are passionate about popping every batch.

The small batch kettles create a high heat, which prevents the popcorn from drying out. It also results in less un-popped kernels, fewer hulls and a better infusion of oil, salt and popcorn, making the popcorn both more flavorful and easier to eat.

Did you know? Popcorn seeds can pop up to 3 feet in the air.



Big Bags of popcorn: big flavor, big value

Once the popcorn is popped, we use bags—and a bagging process—unlike any other on the market.

When we started selling the famous Big Bag of popcorn in 2003, we created our own transparent bag in-house and added our nutritional information in a clearly visible location, because we want you to know exactly what you were getting in every bag of Valley Popcorn.

During the bagging process, we even use a special machine that taps the bottom of each bag as it’s being filled. By doing so, we make sure that all our bags of popcorn are filled to the top. Why? Because we know that you paid for popcorn—not air.

Beyond the Big Bag

And even though our Big Bag is our most popular bag of popcorn, we’ve never stopped innovating and adding to our product lines.

We’ve expanded our offerings to include both caramel and cheese popcorn, as well as seeds, oils and multiple flavor-filled toppings. We even sell popcorn machines and popcorn supplies and poppers, making Valley Popcorn a great partner for all your popcorn needs.

Valley Popcorn can be found everywhere great popcorn is offered, including:

  • Retail: With a variety of flavors and bag sizes, our popcorn can be purchased in multiple chain grocery stores, gas stations, and will soon be available through many subscription services.
  • Food Service: Our popcorn is available in restaurants, bars, nursing homes, hospitals and other places that offer fresh popcorn.
  • Concessions: We fill the popcorn needs of stadiums, arenas and performance halls with our fresh-popped and pre-bagged popcorn.
  • Leading Distributors: Our popcorn is sold by many leading distributors, including: Sysco, Lomar Distributing, Serve U Success. Constantinos, Kohl Wholesale.

Valley Popcorn is also proud to be SQF-certified, a globally recognized certification from the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI). This program is recognized around the world as the standard in food safety certifications, and food producers must follow strict guidelines in food production.

Read more about our Markets, and how we can serve yours.

If you want to talk to us about becoming a distributor of Valley Popcorn, contact us today.