Popcorn So Tasty, You Could Eat it Every Day.

Experience the Flavorful Crunch of Valley Pop: Tender Kernels Popped in Pure Coconut Oil, Grown by American Farmers.


Natural, Wholesome, and Flavorful

Valley Pop is a tasty popcorn snack made with whole-grain, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients packed with wholesome goodness.

We believe that the best things in life are uncomplicated. We've taken the same approach to our popcorn—we use mindful ingredients to make a great snack you can enjoy any time of day.

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ready to eat bags of popcorn

Bags of Popcorn

Delicious tender white kernel, popped with care and bagged in a variety of flavors and sizes.

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Popping Kits

Forget the hassle of measuring and mixing, just pop our pre-measured popcorn kits and enjoy!


Cooking up a Symphony of Flavors in our Bags of Popcorn

small batch popcorn

Small Batch Popcorn

Tender white kernel, crafted with quality ingredients in small batch kettles.

wholesome ready to eat popcorn

Quality Ingredients

Enjoy delicious, ready-to-eat popcorn with carefully selected ingredients.

resealable bag popcorn

Stays Fresher, Longer

Our resealable bags keep our authentic movie theater-style popcorn fresh.

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From Our Home to Yours

Just like you, we love great tasting popcorn. When we started Valley Pop in our kitchen, our goal was to create a popcorn so tasty you could eat it every day.

We researched to find the best kernels, grown by American farmers. Then we experimented until we found our recipe of tender white popcorn kernels with flavorful coconut oil and cheese.

That's how we made our popcorn when we opened our doors, and it's how we make it today. In fact, no matter how many poppers we add, our recipe will remain unchanged.

The most flavorful popcorn comes from the most wholesome and simple ingredients. Decades later, we still love our popcorn enough to eat it every day. We think you will too!

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Wholesome, Delicious, and Kosher.

Popcorn is everywhere – from movie theaters to sports arenas, to vending machines, to your living room couch. Whether it’s eaten on its own or combined with other ingredients, popcorn is found in almost every country, home, and walk of life.

When we got into the popcorn business in 1992, it was with one goal in mind: “Offer popcorn in a bag that’s just as wholesome and delicious as fresh-popped popcorn.” How do we make that happen? Is it the way we pop our popcorn? Is it the bags we put it in? Yes and yes.


The Perfect Snack for Any Occasion.

Gluten Free