valley pop - tender kernel popcorn

About Valley Pop

Our popcorn features a tender white kernel popped in coconut oil. Say hello to the most flavorful popcorn you'll taste, grown by American farmers.

Our non-GMO popcorn seeds are grown in the Midwest, where the earth is rich in phosphorus and potassium, making for a more flavorful popped corn.

The popcorn seeds come to us in 2200-pound bags; and once that bag is opened, the seeds are turned into popcorn and shipped to you before 24 hours have passed.

Popped in coconut oil, our tasty popcorn packs a delicious, wholesome flavor.

The oil acts a natural preservative, which means our popcorn stays fresher, longer with no added chemicals. You can literally taste the difference.

Instead of sprinkling salt over the top of our popped popcorn, we add our specially selected salt directly to the kettle during our popping process. The salt melts and melds with the coconut oil and popcorn giving you more flavor with every handful.

We're passionate about crafting every batch of tender kernel popcorn in our small-batch kettles.

Our high heat, low volume approach to popping results in fewer un-popped kernels, fewer hulls, and a better infusion of oil, salt, and popcorn—all of which means more flavor and easier eating.

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